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Annabelle and her parents had not had a full night’s sleep in over a year. Annabelle’s hypotonia, a muscle condition that leaves her feeling like a “rag doll” with no muscle strength and respiratory conditions, requires her to sleep in an elevated position. Annabelle is also on a continuous feeding tube, receives oxygen throughout the night, and is monitored by machines. With many tubes and cables, Annabelle often became tangled and trapped in the slots of her traditional crib. While she used to alert her family, she had become accustomed to the entanglements and had stopped crying for help in the night. In response, Annabelle’s healthcare team recommended a therapeutic SleepSafe Bed to keep her safely positioned upright throughout the night. Proper positioning reduces reflux, secondary aspirations, entanglement, bruising, and most importantly, would provide a safe and full nights sleep for Annabelle and her family. Because of SMILE’s supporters, Annabelle received a therapeutic bed that provides her with the ability to elevate and angle her mattress to address breathing issues and is fully padded on all sides, to reduce injury. Annabelle also received a sturdy pole for her monitors; access windows, to safely string her tubing through; and sheet sets that will help her sleep like a princess.

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